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Kyo & Jitsu 101





A fun simple drill to see the state "Kyo" in your partner.

When your partner miss counts, hesitates, takes too long or changes the facial expression that person is in Kyo. Then the other side hits the one in Kyo. But hitting side must respond quick and not miss the timing.


Kyo - There are many types of "Kyo".
Simply put it's when one is temporarily mentally and physically paralyzed.
Meaning where there is over thinking to the point where reacting is slowed down at one point or totally stopped at the other point.







Kyo is being not ready, not moving, reacting to slow or not at all.

Jitsu is the opposite, alert and ready to respond in the right way at the right time, with full force(Kime at the point of Kyo.)




Attack when the opponent is in Kyo.

Don't attack when the opponent is in Jitsu.

Keep yourself from being in Kyo.

If you are in Kyo don't show it, hide it.

Induce Kyo in the opponent.

Don't let the opponent induce Kyo in you.

Don't place yourself in Kyo.

Always stay in Jitsu.




Chance go.

No chance don't go.

Some times if there is no chance you can make a chance.

Block and counter.

Expect the opponent to counter.

Hands up and always maintain Zanshin.

Zanshin is Jitsu.



Forms of Kyo:


Over Thinking.

Under Thinking





When Inhaling.

Mismanagement of Balance and or Movement.


Not Breathing Naturally. 





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