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Traditional Shotokan Karate


Updated 4/15/2020

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We are working aggressively to update our on-line, stay at home classes.

We will demonstrate how Traditional Shotokan's Karate (Karate-Do) Lessons apply to all things at all times.

We have an incredible global network of instructors we encourage input from you to set up a program to help EVERYONE!

Together we can help.

Please continue to check in as we accelerate our program.

At first it will be a bit crude. But we need to start. Then as we can we will fill in and polish.

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Please email us each day that you've logged in and taken a lesson.

Send us a pic and or video of something you've been working on at home. Just to show, to get feed back.

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Here are links for each individual level.

Keep up your practice.

Use our Videos to Practice at home while on vacation, if you move away or during pandemics.


White Belts
(9th Kyu)

Yellow Belts
(8th Kyu)

Orange Belts
(7th Kyu)

Green Belts
(6th Kyu)

Blue Belts
(5th Kyu)

Purple Belts
(4th Kyu)

Brown Belts
(3rd, 2nd & 1st Kyu)

Black Belts
(Sho Dan and Above)


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4th Lesson


For the Instructors

1). - "Your Experience"


Master Funakoshi's book and how it applies NOW!
"Karate-Do My Way of Life"
Is a must read.
The auto biography of Master Funakoshi







[ Nishiyama Sensei Side note: Nishiyama Sensei would never speak of himself as "Master".
When he spoke of Master Funikoshi he would always address him as "Master Funakoshi"
He would always pronounce it as "Funakosha" (sha) and not "Funakoshi" (shi).
So I always pronounce it as "Funakosha". ]
His book (Master Funakoshi's "Karate-Do My Way of Life") spans his entire life.
There are many references to:
National and International events.
From natural distastes like the Great Earthquake where his Dojo survived (and was used as hospital to care for the injured).
Typhoons, where as a young man he went on the roof of his home and tested his stance against the typhoon wind.
And man-made disasters like war with Russia and the United States. The Atomic bomb where his Dojo was destroyed.
Political conflict with the right and left.
Which demanded the cutting of his "Top Knot" and how that event forever changed his life and that of ours.
So we're here faced with a pandemic.
This is a chapter in our lives, maybe only a paragraph in our own Karate-Do autobiography.
If you haven't started writing one, start.
If you started and stopped then it's time to pick it up again.
It;s days like today's that our Karate-Do training, is all about.
When others crumble we are at our strongest.
We have been taught the principles and now we must apply them.
Nishiyama Sensei Side Note: Nishiyama once said: "I don't not teach "Shotokan.
I once taught at the Shotokan.
I teach Karate-Do".
Keep in touch.
Text me to say hi.
310 467 4723
Please share your thoughts, cheers and jeers.

2). - Adapting - Know your Market


I don't expect anyone in the neighborhood to actually sign up and follow our "Free On-Line" class program. Depending


Until an opportunity opens up, I feel it's impossible to bring in any new business.

(the rule that applies here is - "Don't do what you can't do. - Do what you can do".)

What you can do now (everyone has similar situations and unique situations) is plant seeds for the future. How can you do that?


My idea by adding the "FREE ONLINE" smaller banner was a attention getter.

Not thing that someone in the neighborhood would actually follow our on line classes. But that the banner would catch their attention and plant a seed for another time. In


Depending on your location it is important to keep a presence.


 My location is a very small commercial intersection. Very few businesses and mostly homes. There are 3 places to get food and one liquor store (all open), a couple places to get your hair done, Pilates, Cross Fit and a cleaners.

So I am there regular times and other times. I want to keep my presence. The food places have little crowds at times so I make sure I'm at my Dojo to attract attention. Again planting seeds for the future. I have a bowl of water for the dogs, I go and freshen up the water as the neighborhood dog pets have come to depend, expect their water (we don't want to frighten the neighborhood pets). I'm inside keeping things neat, clean and tidy, I clean the window and dust off the window sill outside. Again keeping to my routine and planting seeds.


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